I’m an historian specializing in the history of science and medicine in the United States. I currently work at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a research and advocacy non-profit that seeks to stem the accumulation of wealth and power by large corporations across the United States. I’m a Senior Researcher with the Community Broadband Networks team, working on telecommunications policy and writing about community-led networks around the country.

In the past I worked as an Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma State University,  Southwest Minnesota State University, and Minnesota State-Mankato. I taught the American history survey as well as courses on the Gilded Age, Modern Civ 1500-present, American Thought and Culture, and WWII. I have in the past also taught courses on the history of evolutionary theory, magical realism in literature, and composition and rhetoric.

I’m finishing up a book about eugenics, sterilization, and juvenile delinquency at a girls’ reform school in Kansas (to be complete summer 2020–see page for more details).

I’ve got a profile at academia.edu, and you can¬†download my current CV here.

I tweet @galtonsbox, and you can reach me at rymarcatt[at]gmail[dot]com.

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