Historian of science, technology, and medicine by training. Senior Researcher and the Research Team Lead at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, an anti-monopoly research and advocacy think tank that works to build more resilient, responsive, forward-thinking communities to stem the accumulation of wealth and power by large corporations across the United States.

Have taught at Oklahoma State University, Southwest Minnesota State University, and Minnesota State-Mankato: courses in American history, the Gilded Age, Modern Civilization, American Thought and Culture, WWII, the history of evolutionary theory, magical realism in literature, and composition and rhetoric.

I’ve just finished a book about eugenics, sterilization, and juvenile delinquency at a girls’ reform school in Kansas. Out in 2023. See page for more details.

I’m on LinkedIn, academia.edu, and you can download my current CV here.

I tweet @galtonsbox, and you can reach me at rymarcatt[at]gmail[dot]com.

Interested in the name of this site? Click here.

– Ry Marcattilio

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