Historian of science, technology, and medicine by training. Senior Researcher and the Research Team Lead at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, an anti-monopoly research and advocacy think tank that seeks to stem the accumulation of wealth and power by large corporations across the United States.

Have taught at Oklahoma State University, Southwest Minnesota State University, and Minnesota State-Mankato.: courses in American history, the Gilded Age, Modern Civilization, American Thought and Culture, WWII, the history of evolutionary theory, magical realism in literature, and composition and rhetoric.

I’ve just finished a book about eugenics, sterilization, and juvenile delinquency at a girls’ reform school in Kansas. Out in 2023. See page for more details.

I’m on LinkedIn, academia.edu, and you can download my current CV here.

I tweet @galtonsbox, and you can reach me at rymarcatt[at]gmail[dot]com.

Interested in the name of this site? Click here.

– Ry Marcattilio

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