Curriculum Vitae


Marcattilio-McCracken Curriculum Vitae

PhD- Oklahoma State University, United States History, Modern European History, December 2014

Master’s Degree–Oklahoma State University, Modern English Literature, December 2010

Bachelor’s Degree–Saint Cloud State University, United States History, May 2008

Bachelor’s Degree–Saint Cloud State University, Literature, May 2008

Teaching Experience

Southwest Minnesota State University

HIST 222: Modern America: U.S. History, 1865-Present (Fall 2015-present)

Oklahoma State University

HIST 1103: Survey of American History, Precolonial-Present (Online, Spring 2015-present); HIST 2333: American Thought and Culture (Online, Spring 2015-present); HIST 3333: History of the Second World War (Online Spring 2017); HIST 3663: Robber Barons and Reformers, 1877-1919 (Online Spring 2015-present); ENGL 1113: Composition I (Fall 2009); ENGL 1213: Composition II (Spring 2009, Spring 2010)

 Community College of Rhode Island

ENGL 1010: Composition I (Fall 2013; Spring 2014)

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

OLLI SP2013:  Darwin’s Origin of Species: History of a Man and an Idea (Spring 2013); OLLI SP2010: Narratives in Magical Realism: Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ One Hundred Years of Solitude (Spring 2010)

Additional Course Preparations

HIST 200: Introduction to Environmental History; HIST 200: Race in America; HIST 300: Technology in America; HIST 300: History of Eugenics and Medical Genetics in America; HIST 300: History of Biology, 1735 to present; HIST 300: American Science and the Cold War; HIST 300: Fuzzy Data, Scientific Uncertainty, and Modern Dread: A History of Probability and Risk


Refereed Journal Articles

“Cacogenic Cartographies: Space and Place in the Eugenic Family Study,” Journal of the History of Biology (First Online 9/29/16). DOI: 10.1007/s10739-016-9452-9

“Anthropometry by Any Other Name: Beautiful Children, Homely Parents, and a Blueprint for ‘Marriage from the Standpoint of Art’” LATCH: The Literary Artifact in Theory, Culture, and History vol. 6, December 2013.

Chapters in Edited Collections

“Athletics,” in The Modern Land-Grant University, ed. Robert Sternberg (West Lafayette, ID: Purdue University Press, 2014).

Book Reviews/Encyclopedia Entries

Book review: Puget Sound Whales for Sale: The Fight to End Orca Hunting by Sandra Pollard, in the Pacific Northwest Quarterly (Winter 2015).

Dual book review: The Wired Northwest: The History of Electric Power, 1870s-1970s by PaulHirt and Power for the People: A History of Seattle City Light by David W. Wilma, Walt Crowley, and the HistoryLink Staff in the Pacific Northwest Quarterly 105, no. 4, 2013.

“Lodge Corollary,” “Radio Free Europe,” and “Tariff of 1892,” in Imperialism and Expansionism in American History: A Social, Political, and Cultural Encyclopedia. Edited by Chris Magoc and David Bernstein. ABC-CLIO: Santa Barbara, CA, 2015.

“Mary Sears,” and “Anna Mae Hays” in American Women at War: From the Home Front to the Battlefields. Edited by Lisa Tendrich Frank. ABC-CLIO: Santa Barbara, CA, 2013.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Book: “Deprived or Depraved?: Eugenics, Sterilization, and Carceral Power at a Girls’ Industrial School”

Other Published Writing

“The Frozen Father of Modern Transhumanism,” Motherboard, October 14th, 2015.

“My Love-Hate Relationship with TurnItIn,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 18th, 2015.

Awards and Honors


Distinguished Graduate Dissertation Fellowship, Oklahoma State University

Robberson Dissertation Fellowship, Oklahoma State University

History Department Graduate Research Fellowship, Oklahoma State University

Phi Alpha Theta Doctoral Research Fellowship, Oklahoma State University

LeRoy H. Fischer Graduate Research Paper Award, Oklahoma State University

2011; 2012; 2013; 2014

O.A. Hilton Memorial Scholarship, Oklahoma State University

2012; 2013

History Department Graduate Research Paper Award, First Place, Oklahoma State University


Oklahoma State University SRIP Fellowship, Oklahoma State University


English Graduate Student Association Breakout Award, Oklahoma State University                     

Conference Presentations


“Letters from Beloit: Lost Voices in the History of American Eugenics”, American Association for the History of Medicine, Minneapolis, MN, May 2016

“Sociology and the Dogma of Human Inheritance”, Midwest Junto for the History of Science, Norman, Oklahoma, April 2016


“Reinventing the Jukes and the Kallikaks: Heredity, Environment, and the Social Parasitism of James Wyatt Marrs”, Northern Great Plains History Conference, October 2015

“Geographies of Worth: Chronotope and the Eugenic Family Study”, Midwest Junto for the History of Science, Madison, WI, April 2015


“Anthropometry by Any Other Name: Beautiful Children, Homely Parents, and a Blueprint for ‘Marriage from the Standpoint of Art’”, History of Science Society Conference, Chicago, IL, November 2014

“Biopolitics and Mental Health in Kansas: The State Industrial Girls School and Kathryn O’Loughlin McCarthy, 1937-1938”, The Politics of Protest: Conference on Opposition in the United States, Boston University, April 2014

 “Science, Society, and State: Sterilization and Scientific Debate in Oklahoma and Kansas in the Twentieth Century”, Subjectivity and the System: An Interdisciplinary Conference, Brown University, March 2014


“‘These Hindering Forces’: Intellectual Foundations of Postwar Eugenics on the Southern Plains”, History of Science Society Annual Conference, Boston, MA, October 2013

“Scions of Heredity: Social Darwinism and Scientific Thought in Oklahoma”, Phi Alpha Theta/OAPH Regional Conference, Stillwater, OK, February 2013


“Fruit of the Family Tree: Science, Debate, and the Public Arena, 1914-1941”, Northern Great Plains History Conference, Fargo, ND, October 2012


“America’s Eugenic Past: A Preliminary Look at Positive and Negative Eugenics in Oklahoma”, Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary History Conference, Boulder, CO, September 2011


“Agency and Identity in the Contact Zone: The Travel Writer and the Native in the Writing of J.M. Synge”, American Conference for Irish Studies, State College, PA, October 2010

“Traveling with Baggage:  J.M. Synge’s The Aran Islands and James Frazer’s The Golden Bough”, Midwest American Conference for Irish Studies, Grand Rapids, MI, September 2010

“The Self and the Other in J.M Synge’s The Aran Islands”, Oklahoma State University Research Symposium and Research Scholar Conference, Stillwater, OK, February 2010


“The Influence of Medicine and Religion on the Construction of Dystopian Literature”, English Graduate Student Association Colloquium, Stillwater, OK, February 2009


“Darwin’s Dark Legacy? The Therapeutic Impulse and American Eugenics”, Biology Seminar Series, Heiko Schoenfuss, Saint Cloud State University, October 26th, 2015


“Let’s Put a Little Math In It: In Support of Range Voting”, GPSGA Election Meeting, Jeff Simpson, Oklahoma State University, March 16th, 2011

Research Experience

Rebecca Damron, Professor of English and Linguistics, Oklahoma State University, Research Assistant under grant from National Science Foundation, “Critical Thinking Enhancement through Paired English Composition and Engineering Courses,” (Summer 2009, Spring 2010)

Disciplinary Service

H-Sci-Med-Tech book reviews list, H-USA book reviews list, NeoAmericanist book reviews list

Departmental Service

Phi Alpha Theta National History Honors Society, Nu Chapter, President (2012-2013)

English Graduate Student Association Faculty of the Year Committee (2009-2010)

 University Service

OSU Research Symposium/Research Scholar Conference (2012)

Department Rep to Graduate and Professional Student Government Association (2010- 2012)

Graduate and Professional Student Government Association, Parliamentarian (2011-2012)

University Library Advisory Committee (2011-2012)

University Student Technology Fee Committee (2011-2012)

Freshman Research Scholars Colloquium, Judge (2011)


Spanish: reading, good; speaking, basic


History of Science Society (2011-Present)

Society for the History of Technology (2011-Present)

American Historical Association (2009-Present)

Oklahoma Academy of Science (2013-2014)

National Association of Professional Graduate Students (2008-2014)

Phi Alpha Theta National History Honors Society (2007-2014)




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